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Thread: How much for an AFA graded 85+ loose vinyl Jawa with COA

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    How much for an AFA graded 85+ loose vinyl Jawa with COA


    I have an AFA graded loose vinyl caped Jawa that I may be selling. It is an 85+ and comes with a Tom Derby signed COA. I have seen a ton of straight up 85s sell, but I can't seem to lock down a price on an 85+. The major difference is that it has the gold sticker instead of the silver sticker that 85s have. Does anyone have an idea what the price would be for this. I think the highest graded loose VCJ is a 90, so this is pretty close. Thanks for any info you can give me. Cheers.

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    I've seen 85s sell for between $1900 - $2500. Given the exclusivity of this figure with an 85+ I would think it would sell for somewhere around $3000 but you never know if this market...

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    85s used to go from as much as 2500 but markter softened a bit and they are worth closer to 2000 from what i have seen.
    85+ would probably go 2400 to tops 3000...IMO

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    I would agree with btd2, market for these guys has slowed a bit! Good luck with your sale,K

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    Thanks to all for the input. That is pretty much where I was thinking it would be price wise as well. Now I just have to go through the trouble of taking pictures and putting it up for sale. Cheers.

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    I would say between 1800-2050.
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