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Thread: lets hope i didnt just get rooked..

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    yeah your not getting it . like others have said its total bs . i jumped on a 13 dollar free shipping discoloured yak face at 330 in the morning a few months ago . dont need him just the price was unreal . anyways of course the same thing . from china ,0 feedback, free shipping blah blah . i had to wait three months to get my money back from ebay
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    thankully ebay didnt take long refunding. the hunt continues..
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    Unfortunately there are reports like this all over the various toy collecting communities right now. Tons of fake auctions from zero feedback Chinese sellers using photos and descriptions stolen from legit auctions, be careful out there!
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    i wont be buying anything from china with 0 feedback i can tell you that :p
    i did buy a 2 pack f figures from china while back and i received those
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