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Thread: Question about Luke's X-wing from the Saga Collection

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    Question about Luke's X-wing from the Saga Collection

    I've got an extra Red Five ( and was thinking of modifying it into Red Four or Six. This version has a lot of "carbon scoring" and the squadron markings are decals.

    Does anyone know if the "scoring" paint apps were applied before the decals? In other words, would peeling the decals leave me with four giant bare white spots on the foils? If possible, I'd like to know before I break out the hair dryer and Goo-Gone. Any info appreciated, thanks!

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    IIRC, (being an owner of one)....the carbon scoring shouldn't be anywhere near the actual unit designation markers. So you should be okay. Mines in storage currently though so don't quote me as gospel.
    Are you very mechanical? Well, I was just wondering if you could tell me where this goes? See I wasn’t really online when they were programming us for logic repairs. Usually I can figure it out but these old R5′s are kinda built backwards, know what I mean? Heh! No, you don’t know what I mean…

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    Thanks for the reply; still not sure what I'm going to do with this thing. Looking at it a little closer, it looks like the weathering was applied first. Leaning toward a Red Six...

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