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    vintage leias

    recently i talked about certain vintage figures i want. i just realized the only vintage leia i have is my childhood endor leia missing all her acessories.
    so if i get a different vintage leia which one should i get?
    most all of them arent cheap even loose.
    im leaning toward the original new hope leia, hoth or bespin leia.
    i was never big boussh fan even the sote version.
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    I loved Boussh as a kid because the figure had more play value. My imaginative, young mind could totally forget it was Leia under there and just pretend it was a bad***** bounty hunter.

    As other's have said, it really is a matter of personal preference and desire. All Leia's have risen drastically in price, even the once affordable Bespin and Hoth's are up there. To complete your Endor Leia, it would be as much as a complete figure (about $65: poncho $10, helmet $15 and gun $40).

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    dont get me wrong i love boushh the way i love a new hope its great but others are better. i just wanted different one for my alt vintage leia. back in my other house (( i miss that place ) i had a shelf set up like jabbas palace boushh made a great filler for the scene.
    i looked on ebay erlier and sat id need 20$ for just the belt and helmet each. i didnt bother to look up all the parts. i did that once for a used y wing with the same result.
    also id like t say i at least want the cape with anh or bespin leias as they dont look "right" with out it.
    i also saw an amusing post were someone was selling an endor leia wearing the bespin cape.
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    Ooops. Silly me. I forgot about the belt! That figure was loaded with accessories!

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    certainly the most of any vintage leia i have seen. thats the one thing i hate about my potf endor leia her helmet isnt removable.
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    Ummmm . . . you mean . . . Luke? :-P

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