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Thread: Indiana Jones Boulder Chase diorama 1:6 scale

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    Indiana Jones Boulder Chase diorama 1:6 scale

    Hi All,

    This dio is for a mate who is a avid Indy collector and a good friend. It is 1:6 scale and measures 26.5" L x 16.5" W x 19" H.


    Figure - is a random 1:6 body from ebay with parts from Sideshow, Hasbro, Medicom and Hottoys with a custom head and fedora I got from Sideshow's Indy forum and a custom whip made by myslef using the grip of the Sideshow bendy whip and a piece of long leather.

    Base - has been made using high density foam as the main structure with alumimium foil for the cave walls. The ground is a mix of dirt/sand/finely ground of leaves and stick, The moss is was done by grinding up clumps of railway bushes from Woodland Scenics and then mixing it with PVA and green paint.

    The roots I got from my daughters school from a dead creeping vine and the spider webs were done using cotton wool and gently tearing it apart.

    The boulder is a balloon covered in Woodland Scenics plaster cloth then covered in watered done spakfilla, the exterior of the crate was done using balsa wood and the stenciling was done by using a plastic stencil sheet I picked up at the craft shop.


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    Sounds nice, but I can't see a picture.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greycap View Post
    Sounds nice, but I can't see a picture.
    Cheers mate, I have added links the pics for some strange reason I can't add the pics.


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    OK, got 'em with Imperial Shipyard links. I've liked all of your dioramas over the years, including this one. Thanks.

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    They can't be seen without signing up at Imperial.

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    Hey Guys,

    I forgot about that, I'll get my Instagram linkup for you.

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    Nice job! Looks really good!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Star_Wars_Dork View Post
    Nice job! Looks really good!
    Cheers mate

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