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Thread: Private Signings Suggestions

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    Darth Malgus - Jamie Glover
    A bit of trivial that most probably already know, but in case you don't Jamie is Julian Glover's son.

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    nice grouping, love these TFU names. Canon only concerns the new storytellers, not fans LOL, until it''s trumped w/ a new tale, it still remains. However, we lost Drake recently, RIP Dr. Giggles. Wilkinson is real easy to score via Topps auto cards, there's like hundreds on eBay, and Hale can be connected w/ via Echo Base Media.
    Quote Originally Posted by Dr_Jedi View Post
    All this praise of the FB site is making me rethink my general opposition to the whole social media thing as well...

    Back on the topic of this thread, there is a significant area of Star Wars fandom where I would love to see some signing opportunities - the (voice) actors that perform in the various Star Wars video games. Outside of Sam Witwer, I can't think of any other signing opportunities along these lines. I've spent so many hours playing these games (I still consider them to be at least semi-canon, no matter what the mouse says), that I would love to be able to get some signatures to my collection. Here are just some of the people I'd be interested in:

    Star Wars: Dark Forces II/Mysteries of the Sith

    Kyle Katarn - Jason Court
    Qu Rahn - Bennet Guillory
    Mara Jade - Heidi Shannon

    The Force Unleashed

    Rahm Kota - Cully Fredricksen
    Maris Brood - Adrienne Wilkinson
    Kazdan Paratus - Larry Drake
    Darth Desolous - Kristoffer Tabori
    Darth Phobos - Kari Wahlgren

    The Old Republic

    Darth Malgus - Jamie Glover
    Orgus Din - Robert Pine
    Satele Shan - Jennifer Hale
    Ven Zallow - not sure who portrayed him, if anyone

    I'm sure there are others I'd be interested in, but I'd love to just complete this group.
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