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Thread: Who are they????

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jadesfire133336b View Post
    i apologize for how racist this is going to sound but beware of china.
    a few months ago i ordered though amazon a video game from a seller named tatum dontrey they had 0 feedback and said they were in california
    ...until i ordered it then suddenly it was in china. the seller had no storefront and disappeared off of amazon not long after (which i found odd but didnt think about)
    after forever and a day i got a refund. now that doesnt relate to star wars i admit
    but i recently ordered carnor jax and kir kanos from a seller in china on ebay and i got it. they arent all bad just be careful.
    This also happened to me on amazon early in the summer. I had ordered a t-shirt for my brother. It was supposed to be of a picture/phrase from the Godfather, was relatively cheap (but still over $10), and seemingly from a store in the US with an American name. When it finally shipped, the tracking showed it was from China. When it arrived several weeks later, the image was about 1/3-1/2 the size it should have been, off-centered, and (get this), on the BACK of the shirt! Rendered it totally useless as a gift! Naturally, around that time, all the negative seller reviews started popping up, a few with the same complaints. Once I saw that, I was still annoyed, but felt a little better knowing it wasn't just me who got scammed.
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    lets be honest..........unless you literally just started to collect vintage, those prices are not anywhere close to being believable at all.
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    China is currently knocking out copies of blackseries Boba Fett and other hard to get figures over Ebay for stupid prices - buyer beware !
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