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Thread: Advice for collecting original 96 Kenner vintage figures (loose)?

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    I'm not questioning the quality of the cases or the purpose they serve. Rather, I think they create an awkward and clunky display. My loose set is displayed in a showcase on acrylic risers with small plastic stands. They don't fall over and they gather very little dust. And the display isn't cluttered with several pounds of acrylic and grading labels and whatnot. At some level, it's simply a taste thing, I suppose.

    I think "dwindling" might be a bit hyperbolic. Are there fewer minty Blue Snaggletooth figures on the market now than 15 years ago? Sure. Maybe. I don't know. But if you want one, you don't have to look far. Are they more expensive than they were a few years ago? Again, sure. And yeah, some figures will continue to creep up in price, but I doubt there will come a time where any of these figures is simply not available.

    As for the availability of the figures, you're right. Even the last 17 are in relatively decent supply. Cost, however is reaching boarder line insanity. My wife got Yak Face for me as a Christmas gift only a few years ago. She paid less than $150, I believe. I just searched completed listings for Yak Face on ebay and if you exclude the scam listings from China, loose had sold for over $300. Graded for well over $500! I know that if I didn't have one by now, I probably would just settle for not owning one at those prices.

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    Yep. I've got the "Final 15" POTF MOC- but not really interested in spending the coin necessary for Yak Face and Anakin MOC.

    Maybe some day a loose Yak Face, but never a MOC.

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    Welcome to the wonderful world of collection!!! Many of points made here are spot on, take your time, buy with care, etc. I finished mine just before Ep7 came out and was glad I did as prices are higher than back then and you pay for quality now as people are selling beaters for "collection".

    My best advice is always stay within your budget but do spend on quality when you can. Prices can fluctuate but overall the value of these figures keeps going up not down, and with Disney pumping these movies out SW will remain in pop culture and the value will increase.

    Good luck!!

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