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Thread: Black vs blue vintage weapons

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    Black vs blue vintage weapons

    This is probably an amateur hour question but I'm wondering about black vs blue vintage weapons specifically the Has Solo and Stormtrooper style blasters.

    I have a few of each, some blue, some black and I'm wondering which figures they originally came with or if they were variants or running changes or what. I did the float test and they all float, that's about all I know as for as testing for repros. Here are figures I have that I'm trying to match up:

    Han Solo
    Han Solo Hoth
    Han Solo Endor
    Luke Bespin
    Luke X-Wing

    Boba Fett
    Walrus Man
    Imperial officer

    Thanks for any help!

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    The ones that are so dark blue they are almost black were released during the initial 12 and 21 back waves. Once they hit ESB, the blasters significantly lightened up. with some being a pretty bright blue.

    However, for ROTJ, the Han Trenchcoat had a unique blaster cast in pure black, with no blue at all. The Imperial blaster also had a pure black release with the POTF Luke Stormtrooper and a couple of animated Droids figures - and are becoming insanely expensive.

    So, while the list is bigger than this, for matching what you have...

    Dark blue/black rebel blasters - Han, Luke X-Wing, Snaggletooth, Greedo.

    Dark blue/black imperial blasters - Stormtrooper, Fett, Hammerhead, Walrusman

    Blue rebel blasters - Han Hoth, Luke Bespin

    Blue imperial blaster - Imperial Commander

    Pure black rebel blaster - Han Trenchcoat

    Lobot has none of these. He has the blue Bespin blaster that came with Lando, Hoth Soldier, Bespin Guards.


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    I never knew that Han Trenchcoat was the only figure that came with a pure black rebel blaster similar to the Luke Stormy coming with a pure black imperial blaster. So is the Black Black Rebel Blaster as rare and sought after as the Black Black Imperial Blaster? I just bought a Han Trenchcoat MOC a few months ago pretty i'm really glad i did!

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    Well, it's tough - but the Han Trenchcoat was released in far greater numbers than any of the POTF or Droids figures, and ROTJ figures sold better as well. Therefore, theoretically, there are more pure black Rebel blasters than Imperial ones.

    It's sought after, but not to the same degree as the Imperial one.


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    IG-88 also sports the blue Imperial blaster.

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