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Thread: how to fix yellowing stormtroopers?

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    apparently the yellow spot is a color change effect im wasnt aware of so derp derp derp derpity derp on me
    i tried it but it isnt working so im not sure whats up unless they water wasnt cold enough
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    I'm pretty sure the colour change ' battle damage' on the CommTech stormie is supposed to fade from white ' invisible' to black scorch marks. With age, colour change toys are known to lose this ability and fade to one colour permanently. Might be best to just bleach or repaint the torso.
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    weird my batman color change joker never did but then again i didnt have it for 20 years. good god i cant believe the se is 20 years old already. god i feel old.
    i guess ill have to figure something out if it dsoent work any more.
    someone told me that commtech readers break easy i havent used mine in years i hope mine still works.
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