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Thread: Rebels S04: EP03 & 04 - In the Name of the Rebellion

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    I'm guessing they gotta hit the gas and get moving on these episodes, as it's nearing conclusion. W/ R1 having a Chopper cameo, and Capt Syndulla audible over their intercom, they needed to emphasize the base as common ground for some of these characters, I'd guess. Who knows how much of Yavin will be seen in this season moving forward. I assume the Saw content was to establish the disconnect he has w/ Mothma. The crystal was the same concept design as in the unfinished TCW arc w/ James Wong b4 he was Azmorigan, we're still getting TCW scraps all the way till the end!

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    Way better episodes then the first two. Hoping the next ones be even WAY better, since were nearing the end

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    Saw needs to speak less or he looks like a caricature with his speech pattern.

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