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Thread: Rebels S04: EP06 - Flight of the Defender

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    I don't mind that they have similar animals. I have a serious problem with every animal being loth-"earth name here". That's poor writing.

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    I think so- based on the comment they've been unseen for a hundred years,. This will play out and be explained I'm guessing, not sure I'm digging the Twilight/SW crossover though. Other than DF loving wolves.. still curious to see the end result to this.
    Quote Originally Posted by Oofa View Post
    So ..

    only Ezra can see the lothwolf?
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    Quote Originally Posted by darthsatan View Post
    Dragging a huge engine across the ground and hiding it in a cave when you have force ability that could float it?
    I thought that too. I guess it must be taxing for a poorly trained Jedi to keep it up long enough to get it where they were going. They should've at least acknowledged it in the episode though.

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    Apparently Thrawn also thinks he's starring in 'Patton' now after that pistol vs. TIE scene.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wedgeswingman View Post
    Apparently Thrawn also thinks he's starring in 'Patton' now after that pistol vs. TIE scene.
    lol that's the scene i recalled when watching that to.
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