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Thread: OT: Help Thread: Weekend Of Hell 5 November

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    OT: Help Thread: Weekend Of Hell 5 November

    - I will attend Sunday
    - I will take a small individual fee per autograph; 5 EUR per signature
    - send in and paypal deadline is 3th November
    - Please keep overseas postage & Customs in your mind, so declare your items correct!*

    I will take whatever possible items you want to get signed or try my best to get whatever photo they may have available at the show you want. I will try to get whatever inscriptions and / or dedication you ask for. I will try to get whatever color ink you want > this is both up to the celebrity if they want to write them. I will do proof pics if allowed. I definitely wont be responsible for any damage or lost. When an autograph is signed (in whatever way) the Deal is done, should no signing comes along, you will get for sure you money back. Portage is up to you.

    Please keep in mind that this is just a hobby for me (and hopefully for you); I am not interested in commercial Deals. If you have further questions, please call me.

    --- --- ---

    return postage examples

    Germany > Australia
    Tube / Parcel
    45 eur

    Germany > USA
    Tube / Parcel
    37 eur

    Germany > UK (express)
    6 eur

    Germany > US (express)
    8 eur

    Germany > US
    7 eur
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    Bastian sent u an email for this show and house of horrors, my posters are already shipped to u

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