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Thread: collector stories/the moment you realized you cant buy everything

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    and while im on the topic, just how many sets is ten nunb a part of anyway? feels hes becoming the star wars figure equivalent
    of that pearl harbor movie back when the dvd was being bundled with every other dvd so they could gt rid of it. ive seen him seperate , with a bwing and in like 3 or 4 pilot sets

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jadesfire133336b View Post
    what is up with moff jerrjerrod? im not normally this blunt but his face sculpt looks like crap and hes not even in the right uniform.
    i even went back and looked at the beginning of return of the jedi hes supposed to be in a black uniform not grey.
    his face passibly looks like him if your drunk and squint. so how did hasbro screw this up?
    Hmm Jerjerrod was wearing that olive drab (grey) green when he meets Vader on the second Deathstar, he's the one who says "We shall double our efforts." etc. in his convo w/Vader. I think the officer in the black uniform that says "Inform the commander that Lord Vader's shuttle has arrived." was Lieutenant Endicott.

    As for an interceptor I payed about $40ish for my loose vintage collection one a few years ago but they are on Amazon new MISB for $80. Which is pricey for it. The POTJ version from the late 90's early 00's will go from $30-$50 give or take $10-15 if its still in the box. Star Wars' resurgence is why prices are going up so much recently so there's that to deal with.
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    i could be mixed up with jererrod you're probably right. i guess ill just watch for interceptors and see what i catch cheap

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    Really, it was way back when the POTF2 line first started. Between waves instead of just always being able to find every figure like with the vintage line, exclusives, , short packing, not every store carrying everything, chase figures and variants, and scalpers, I figured out really early that completing a modern 3.75' collection just wasn't going to happen, even with ebay.

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    Yeah, him and Piett (especially the latter) are really overdue for a redo, both being prominent Imperials with outdated figures.
    Though I'm pretty sure Jerjerrod is never seen in a black uniform, it's the same grey as Tarkin, Piett and the like wore.
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    yeah i think the lighting on my tv makes it look darker or maybe im going crazy :p

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