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Thread: did they ever make figures of bubo, joruus c'baoth or admiral daala?

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    did they ever make figures of bubo, joruus c'baoth or admiral daala?

    i have been out of touch for while with the eu figures. since i had seen figures like mara jade, thrawn , talon karrde and ysanne isard i started wondering who else they made.
    bubo is jabbas's frog pet thing in jedi. the one at the door not the ones he eats (one of my modern jabbas has those)

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    I was always hoping that they would eventually make Daala, since hey did Isard and Juno. But it never happened.
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    Bubo was done in a multipack called "Jabba's Court Denizens".

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    The Jabba's Palace Court Denizens set was nice, but it came out 13 years ago, not sure they're all that affordable now - looks like the set runs around $50 on ebay. Bubo is fantastic though - I wish they still released smaller creatures like this one.

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    awesome il look it up and see anyway, might get lucky on a bid if i catch it at the right time.
    i agree masterfett they should have this earns them a very vadery NOOOOOOO! from me :p

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    ok i looked it up they are about 50 on ebay like you said. i could buy bubo and the monk loose. i dont really care about the snail thing.
    interesting set though.

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    I would have loved a joruus c'baoth figure. Still mad he (non clone version) wasn't in the prequels

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    yeah i think that would have been great to have him at least make a cameo (did you know that zahn originally wanted him to be a crazy obi wan clone but lucas didnt think luke would fall for
    it so they changed that?)

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