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Thread: Odd ESB topps uncut cards sheet poster thing

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    Odd ESB topps uncut cards sheet poster thing

    Hi just wondering if anyone had some info or opinion about this sheet. It's ESB trading cards uncut but there not actually the cardboard cards. The cards are all printed on a poster sheet like paper. The cards are also not perferated and I don't think there is any printing on the back of the sheet. Also to note it doesn't appear to be a copy of an original because it is very clear and there is no perferated printing on the sheet. I don't know the year they were made as there isn't a year on the front and it's sealed in plastic to a cardboard frame, so I can't see the back. The fame has a stamp on the back with the frame maker and it doesn't look like they are in business any more. At the corner of the frame is some marking in red. Not sure if this is a model number, print number, or what. Any help would be great because I'm not sure if it is vintage, a new print, or a pre production print. Thanks for the help/opinions.

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    That was available as a mail-away premium through Topps in the early 80's. I had one for years before figuring out what it was.


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