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Thread: WTB 2017 Parks Exclusive Droid Factory sets for UK buyer

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    WTB 2017 Parks Exclusive Droid Factory sets for UK buyer

    Just back from my first ever Disney trip - to Paris. Took my kid for his birthday, and promised to buy him some of the exclusives... but not only did they not have them, they hadn't even heard of them! Therefore, I am trying to track down any of the following, preferably from a single seller to save on shipping and loose is fine as long as they are complete...

    1) R3-B0017 (R2-B00 would also do!)
    2) Last Jedi BB droid 4-pack
    3) Clone Wars 4-pack
    4) Chopper
    5) Last Jedi 2-pack

    Any help gratefully received! Other than a couple of smaller models of the Speeder, pretty much everything else on offer, other than t-shirts, I can find in my local Disney Store here in the UK.

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    Ok - think I've got the BB 4-pack and B0017 sorted...

    Anyone got a spare Chopper...? (why does that sentence look, wrong....?)

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    Ok - got Chopper too.

    Just looking for the Clone Wars 4 pack and Last Jedi twin pack now.

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    Still looking? I live/work near WDW. Can help but shipping may be dear. PM me if you need.

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    Sorry I missed your reply (end of last year was very hectic!).

    Thanks very much for the offer but I got everything in the end.

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