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Thread: Haves and Wants

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    Haves and Wants

    All are MISB unless stated other wise.

    SWBS 6" - Whole 6" Lot 330 Shipped
    TFA Masked Ren MISB
    TFA FN-2187 MISB
    TFA Cpt Phasma MIOB
    TFA Old Han MISB
    TFA TRU EX Snowtrooper Commander MISB
    TFA Stormtrooper MISB
    TFA Poe X-Wing Suit MISB
    TFA Ello Asty MISB
    Cantina Showdown Han and Greedo Set - MISB
    ANH Luke MISB
    C-3PO ANH Walgreens EX MISB
    Chewbacca ANH MISB
    Tie Pilot MIOB
    40th R2-D2
    40th Leia
    ESB Lando MISB Damaged Box

    3.75 Lot
    Ashoka, FO Trooper Scarif Trooper
    only selling/trading as a lot


    3.75 SWBS Boba Fett
    40th SWBS Celebration X-Wing Luke - Will trade in your favor for this
    Hascon Rex
    3.75 SWBS Yoda

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    Updated with some new haves.

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    Added some TFA figures to the mix.

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