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    protective case question

    Sorry guys, I know this isn't a vintage collection, however, I am in search of a line of cases for (sorry again ) modern figures. My son and I watch the animated star wars rebels together and I decided on collecting the first release of figures. I don't collect any other figures from the line (meaning the older modern figures released with a new card) but only the ones that have rebels under star wars. They are the ones that have the stormtrooper helmet for the card picture. I know there are a few collectors that cross into modern ,so I thought I would give it a shot. I did ask in the modern section ,however there doesn't seem to be as much traffic.

    I have both, single and 2 figure cards, so if you know of a case that fits these, I would really appreciate it. My son has a few loose ones that he plays with , but I would like to keep these protected and nice for him to have later on.

    Thanks in advance
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