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Thread: Ep 1 , 2 , 3 & clone wars figures & vehicles for trade

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    Ep 1 , 2 , 3 & clone wars figures & vehicles for trade

    I'm putting up all of my episode 1, 2, 3 and clone wars figures & vehicles up for Trade

    most are complete (or very close)

    see my imgur albums here:

    and here:

    also have
    ambush on ilum battle pack Padme, R2 and cloaking chameleon droid

    vehicles for trade not pictured yet:
    geonosian fighter
    Falampaset with Ammo Wagon
    Durge with Speeder
    anakin’s modified starfighter clone wars

    I have a box full more of episode 1 & 2 figures to add too. Feel free to ask about any u may need.

    for star wars trades I'm looking for figures n vehicles from the original trilogy, rogue one , force awakens & the last jedi. Almost anything
    just 3.75 in only (any series)

    for example

    rogue one - bhodi rook, galen erso, jyn erso in disguise, shore trooper, adm. raddus, lt selfa, death trooper (black series & khols version), stormtroopers

    last jedi - rose, leia, dj, vader with probe droid, kanto bight speeder, kylo rens tie fighter, first order trooper

    force awakens - tasu leech, squad leader, esb luke, bb8 unkar thug set, 3po & r2 set, riot trooper, adm ackbar, rey’s speeder, desert walker

    OtC Y-wing
    holiday special & prototype boba fett
    rotj deleted scene figures
    force unleashed rancor
    tbs jabbas skiff guard & toryn farr
    Princess Leia/Tobbi Dala comic pack
    tie bomber

    vintage kenner - dagobah set, jabba throne room base, slave 1 ramp
    2 royal guard pikes, gammorean guard axe, bossk gun

    OR just Let me know what you got.

    I’ve only sold on here so far before BUT
    I have Feedback on ebay, tfw2005 and a few others going back several years.

    I have transformers & joes to trade there too.

    thanks for lookin,

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    sora bulq traded

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    added more figures & vehicles

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    found the pistol for meena tills, added a red guard & 2 droids
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    adding 3 figures from the ambush on ilum battle pack

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    target mace windu, vader, darth maul, yoda, ep3 kenobi and count dooku Traded

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