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    i didnt know about that set! that helps no doubt you forgot sio bibble and ter taneel i have a lot of thsoe figures but several i dont recognize.
    i have sio bibble
    terr taneel
    mas amedda
    bail organa
    mon mothma
    some i dont consider senators
    like panaka and typho that are more like security for senators.
    i dont have sly moore i wasnt even sure they made her
    while we re talking about it who was that asian looking chick that stood with valorum and mas amedda in ep1?
    i noticed sly moore took her place in ep 2 and 3
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    Figures like Panaka and Typho are in some of those scenes, hence I included them in my list. I personally would not include Sio Bibble since he only appears in scenes on Naboo. But good catch on Terr Taneel!

    Sly Moore came out around 2004 in the Post-OTC line. She was in AOTC and ROTS, and served as one of Palpatine's aides.

    The asian actress you're referring to played Sei Taria. And she was one of Chancellor Valorum's aides. She only appeared in TPM.

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    i knew what you meant; they were in some scenes but i just meant they technically weren't senators.
    since et and (rumored) the xenomorph were in the senate should we include them too ?
    i only thought of terr because i just got her. i remeber seeing sly in the movies but never saw her figure. ill have to find her..
    your right about bibble he was only on naboo.
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    The ET's are in there as an easter egg for Episode I. You mentioning the Xenomorphs from Alien is the first I've ever heard about them.

    Sly Moore and Yarua were both in the Post-OTC line, and I think they were even in the same wave.

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    ok ill look for the figures. i was watching the tpm commentary on youtube by oliver harper they mmentioned it but i havent heard anything about xenomorphs either. i havent ever taken the time to pause it and look either.
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    i mentioned this in my other thread but is there a cardboard back drop or something with star destroyer interior i could use on one side of my sd playset to make it look less empty inside?
    maybe some of those space walls or something?
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