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Thread: R2D2 Needed

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    R2D2 Needed

    Hey guys, I'm kinda bummed. Today I went to mess with my near mint sensorscope r2d2 and the darn scope busted off in my hand! I was hoping someone here had a droid that was all wore out that had a good scope and if I need it, A usable somewhat decent dome. I checked Evilbay but I'd rather get one from a collector here since I had such good luck on my first transaction. Thanks....

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    I hate to do this since its technically a modification but I'm at a loss of what else to do because its so nice otherwise

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    I've seen just the blue sensorscope sold individually before. Try searching for that. R2 can be found in various stages of condition, and I don't really think anyone is going to rip you apart for replacing the broken scope with one from a beater figure. Really not a modification, it's just replacing a broken vintage part with another vintage part.

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    I concur, I don't think that's a modification. Like Changing out Y-Wing Missiles, or parts in the Droid factor. It's just a part. And I have seen them for sale individually as well. I have also seen some crapped out R2's with good sensor scopes, so I seen no harm in scavenging.

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