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Thread: Dark Side Rey - Ideas on how to start?

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    Dark Side Rey - Ideas on how to start?

    Hi all, I'm thinking of doing a custom SA dark side Rey. Anyone have any ideas for how I could get started? I could use the WM 3.75TBS TFA Rey as a base, but I'm not sure if it'll look right. I'm a novice customizer so I would love some advice!
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    A simple way would be to repaint her clothes black with red highlights. If you had different arms, you could replace hers so it isn't just an obvious repaint.
    I'd also get rid of her hair buns. Perhaps you could make her hair more wild.

    I'd also darken or change her skin tone (redder=angry or ashen=lifeless).
    Attaching a red lightsabre to her staff might enhance her Sithiness.

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    Awesome, thanks. I think I'll do the repaint, add a cloak of some sort, and change the hair/skin. What color would you recommend for an ashen look?
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