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Thread: Returning books

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    (you can't account for weird).
    Family issues can turn from weird to awful really fast when it comes to belongings and supposed rights or ownership. It's far worse when a death and a will are involved. We've never received anything of any monetary value from a loved one dying (the vultures on all sides of the families have always drained people dry before they died), but we did receive a handful of items with sentimental value (most of the items could probably bring in a quarter to fifty cents at a garage sale, but one is worth possibly a couple hundred dollars). In each case, when other family members found out (all of whom had siphoned thousands of dollars from said late loved ones, and had then raided their houses before the wills could be read), they went ballistic. We dealt with everything from people refusing to speak to us, to people spreading awful, unbelievable rumors, to threats of violence and armed break-ins if we didn't surrender the items to them. And people wonder why we spend our Thanksgivings at home, lol.

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    Interesting thread.

    Re: books, I also remember lending the Paperback of the first Star Wars: Jedi Academy Trilogy novel (By Kevin J. Anderson) to someone back in the '90's, and getting it back with the spine all bent up (those who have read and/or collected PB's over the years know what I'm talking about). I would have been more upset about this, but the book wasn't that great to begin with - and, I've always felt that PB's were "disposable" anyway, since they would typically fall apart after they were read numerous times.

    My take on this is to never lend anyone anything that you absolutely need to have back. I've lent things to people over the years that I've never gotten back, and after a while I didn't want them back - LOL. I.e., I remember back in the early '90's I lent someone some music cassettes (some Heart albums) & never saw the people - or the cassettes - again. However, after a while my cassette deck/player broke & I never replaced this, and cassettes are antiquated tech. now anyway - so, I don't really want these back now - LOL.

    I have also lent DVD's & CD's to people, and I get concerned about that because I worry about scratches, etc.
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