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Thread: questions about replacement parts

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    questions about replacement parts

    this isn't vintage related but it was on ebay
    ( im new and can barely find anywhere on the forum i can post so i apologize for being in the wrong spot if i am)
    i bought a dagger squadron b wing loose for a fairly decent price but the wing guns arent there (nor the stickers)
    does anyone know where i can buy parts outside of ebay? and do the vintage b-wing wing guns fit the newer model?
    all e bay has is the vintage stuff it seems

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    Hi there, and welcome to the forum! Where this is about parts for a modern item, it should technically be posted in the modern section. But I'll help you out with an answer.

    There is a SLIM chance that someone here might have the parts. You can post a Where to Buy thread in the modern classifieds section. It's a long shot, but someone might just happen to have the parts. You might even have some luck searching the collector groups on Facebook. Someone there might have what you are looking for as well.

    I'm looking for a few bits to complete a Vintage Collection B-Wing fighter from 2011 myself. I swear the modern parts are way harder to track down than the vintage stuff! I think it's because kids today excel at destroying things. If anything can be ripped off a vehicle, they manage to find a way to strip it right down. Parents don't seem to be as diligent at picking up the parts, either. So when a toy is added to a yard sale pile, those extra loose parts are often thrown away either before or after it's gone. And they are also producing a lot less. The number of Dagger Squadron B-Wings is probably very small in comparison to the number of Vintage B-Wings.

    The vintage parts will fit the newer B-Wings. So if you don't have any luck finding the correct parts for the Dagger Squadron, you can always opt to use the vintage parts in their place.

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    thanks for the greetings i couldnt find the modern section ill certainly put it there when i find it. i'll also check out the places you mentioned.
    i agree kids today just destroy stuff and the newer star wars stuff seems way more fragile.
    thank the force! if the old parts fit ill probly just grab the vintage guns if i cant get anything else.

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