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Thread: Hot Toys Poe Dameron X Wing Pilot

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    Hot Toys Poe Dameron X Wing Pilot

    Just announced on Hoy Toys Facebook account.
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    Alas...only a teaser image for now:

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    Well, is this gonna be TFA version or TLJ version? Maybe both? Encouraging to see this!

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    One of the few good characters from a lousy movie. TFA that is in my opinion.
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    Not sure there are lots of differences between TFA and TLJ for this specific outfit. Would give some hope for future Cassian or Krennic releases if it were to be labelled TFA though.

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    Ill be buyomg this one. Would love a Maz Kanata or a Saw Garrera maybe a Mon Mothma, love to see them made

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    This is a welcome addition. Like what I see thus far, even if it isn't much.
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    Will purchase when it goes up for pre order

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    Definitely going to be my first new trilogy HT SW purchase.

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