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Thread: Some of my Super Mario Bros. customs

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    Some of my Super Mario Bros. customs

    Apart from Star Wars customs, I like to do some occasional Mario customs. This is what I got so far.

    One of the earliest customs I did, Fire Mario and Ice Mario. These are figures made by Applause, dated 1989. The original figure is in the middle. The Fire Mario custom is Mario in his modern fire outfit. The white paint I have never seems to stick properly, unlike the other colors. Ice Mario was introduced in New Super Mario Bros. Wii, which is opposite of Fire Mario. I'd like to get one more and paint his hat and shirt orange, giving him the colors of Fire Mario from Super Mario Bros. 3.

    Another early custom, these are Koopa Paratroopers from a McDonald's Happy Meal when they had toys for Super Mario Bros. 3. The red is the original, I bought an extra and painted it green.

    Lastly, my most recent customs. I finished these this past week. These are from Jakks Pacific World of Nintendo 4 inch line. My customs are original Mario (red hat/overalls look) and Cape Mario from Super Mario World. I grew up with the red hat/overalls look so I kinda miss it. For original Mario, the head is from Mario wave 2-4, while the body is from an Ice Mario figure. I simply did the boil-and-pop method (just ran it under hot water actually), repainted his shirt a darker blue, then swapped the heads. I'm very pleased with how it came out. The Cape Mario figure was easier. I took a cape from a Robin figure from Batman and Robin, which is made by ToyBiz and dated 1989. I simply popped the head off, put the cape on, then the head.

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    An SMB3 Fire Mario is definitely needed.

    Did you manage to pick up an opalescent, see-through Star Power Mario? I reckon if you can get hold of a multi-flash cocktail stick, you could get a wicked-cool display piece out of that.
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    I finished another Mario custom this past week. It's the Koopa Clown Car, first seen in Super Mario World. I'm pretty pleased with how this turned out. My allergies have been killing me lately, I'd like to make some touchups at some point. I used a basic plastic fish bowl found at Walmart. I spray painted it white, and used a dremel to cut open a hole at the bottom for the propeller. The propeller was found at Gamestop and was the perfect color.

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