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Thread: HELPING OUT: SUPER MEGAFEST (October 21-22, 2017)!

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    HELPING OUT: SUPER MEGAFEST (October 21-22, 2017)!

    Hi everyone!

    My other thread will remain active for Chiller Theatre and Rhode Island Comic Con; Im just creating this Help Thread to help with organization. Anyway, I have TWO conventions to add to my help list! Ray is covering my admission to Super MegaFest in exchange for some help and he has also kindly allowed me to offer help to others, to offset the hotel and car rental costs. Scare-A-Con is a week from this Friday and I will be attending on Friday only. If I dont have any orders for Scare-A-Con, Ill likely just skip it as I dont need anyone for myself.

    CANCELLED - Scare-A-Con October 6th, 2017 - CANCELLED
    Matthew Lillard, Skeet Ulrich, Sid Haig, Barry Bostwick, Daeg Faerch, Caroline Williams, Bill Moseley, Felicia Rose, & MORE!

    SUPER MEGAFEST October 21st 22nd, 2017
    Edward James Olmos, Corbin Bernsen, Tom Berenger, Lee Majors, Lindsay Wagner, Bai Ling, JG Hertzler, Paul Soles, Amanda Pays, John Wesley Shipp, Nicki Clyne, Paul Blake, & MORE!




    Autograph Price list:
    Super MegaFest is in the process of listing autograph prices for each guest. I will update as they do.*
    **Please remember to add my fees to the autograph costs when making payments.**
    Edward James Olmos $60
    Corbin Bernsen TBD
    Tom Berenger TBD
    Paul Blake $45
    Nicki Clyne TBD
    Paul Michael Glasser TBD
    C.J. Graham $40
    Mark Goddard TBD (was $40 in February)
    J.G. Hertzler $30
    Bai Ling TBD (was $30 last time I saw her)
    Lee Majors TBD (was $60 last time I saw him)
    Amanda Pays TBD
    John Wesley Shipp $40
    Paul Soles $30
    Lindsay Wagner $30

    My helpers fees for Super MegaFest guests are as follows:
    Show Pick-Ups and Send-Ins 11x14 or smaller: $10
    Send-Ins larger than 11x14 (posters, action figures, etc.): $15
    Anything that is particularly difficult to transport (i.e. instruments): $20
    If you need more than one from the same guest, Ill do the first for the pricing above and additional signatures from that same guest for $5 each (no matter the item).

    Shipping is via USPS Priority Mail. I charge exactly what the USPS charges. For 8x10s and anything able to fit in the Flat Rate Envelope it is $6.65.
    Pricing on other items will vary. Message me with what you want signed and Ill get you a quote.

    Deadline for Payments (PayPal 'Gift' or please cover the fees) for Super MegaFest: October 19th, 2017
    Deadline for Send-Ins for Super MegaFest: October 19th, 2017
    **If sending anything in, please remember to include a note with your name, Rebelscum ID, email address, and any signing instructions.**

    If there are any other questions, you can ask here or PM me!
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    Jerome Blake and Nicholas Brendon added to Super MegaFest!

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    Linda Blair added to Super MegaFest!
    Also, only two days left to place Scare-A-Con orders!

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    Today is the FINAL day for Scare-A-Con orders!!
    Unfortunately, Tom Savini and Amanda Wyss have both CANCELLED...
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    Scare-A-Con Update: Since Tom Savini cancelled and Matthew Lillard will be at RICC, I decided to cancel Scare-A-Con. Normally I would have gone to support a local(ish) event, but I didn't have any orders and the guest list just didn't impress me enough to pay for a 1-Day Admission.

    In other convention schedule news: I AM attending SUPER MEGAFEST and the deadline to order and get your items to me is 10 DAYS AWAY!

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    ONE WEEK LEFT for Super MegaFest orders!

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    Three more days for Super MegaFest orders!
    The show is this weekend. If you're sending something in, please do so today!

    All payments are due due by Thursday.

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    TOMORROW is the last day for Super MegaFest orders!!
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    Hi everyone!

    I've just returned from the start of a busy four weekend stretch of conventions for me!

    Super MegaFest was a lot of fun! It was my first time going and all the guests were very nice. Unfortunately, Bai Ling and Danny Woodburn cancelled...
    If you haven't paid for return shipping, please do so ASAP and I'll get the shipping labels printed.

    Some guests were charging less than quoted and Tom Berenger charged more than the $40 (he was $50). I'll get tracking numbers sent out and refunds made throughout tomorrow and my 'After-Show' report (with photos of everyone's stuff) will follow that.

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    Photos are now posted at the following link!
    Refunds have been made & tracking numbers sent to those whose orders are all paid for.

    If I sent you a message for additional funds, please send payment ASAP so I can get your items out!

    Photos of everyone's stuff and of the celebrities signing are here:

    My 'After-Show Report' will be posted soon!!

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