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Thread: HELPING OUT: SUPER MEGAFEST (October 21-22, 2017)!

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    Beautiful! Did Nicki like the photos?
    "Doing what is popular is not always right, and doing what is right is not always popular"

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    Quote Originally Posted by bnrred5 View Post
    Beautiful! Did Nicki like the photos?
    She did like them! She liked the Gold Sharpie (and almost kept it), too.
    Also, I sent you an email.


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    I’d never been to Super MegaFest before but had heard it was a decent show. I’m happy to confirm what I’ve heard. It wasn’t too crowded (I’m told it’s due to a surge in conventions in that MA area), but it was a well-attended show, from what I saw. I didn’t initially plan on attending myself, but a member was looking for help and offered a weekend pass, so I took him up on it.

    I’ve been wanting to see Edward James Olmos for a while and Corbin Bernsen, too! After going to the website, I was happy to see J.G. Hertzler on the guest list and it was fun surprising him there. Anyway, Saturday was the first day of the show and I got a bit of a later start than I intended. I only missed the first hour but immediately went around the trade center the convention was being held in and charted where each celebrity was seated. I stopped by Mr. Hertzler and stopped his conversation to greet me for a moment. My first official stop was Mr. Paul Blake. My niece is a big Greedo fan (I have no idea why…) so I planned on getting an 8x10 for her and the cardback sent to me for him to sign. Mr. Blake recommended I get the art print signed for my niece, so I did. He was a very nice fellow and was interested in what everyone in line was bringing him to sign. He enjoyed looking at the figure cardback and read the sticky note with signing instructions aloud, “Paul Blake. Greedo. In Silver.”. Then he picked up his blue marker and asked where he was asked to sign. I pointed, but asked if he could use silver instead. He laughed and said, “You’re right! It said that on the note, didn’t it?”. Then he explained that the sticky note was written in blue and his mind associated the color of ink used to write the instructions with what color he should sign in with. He was also kind enough to allow me to photograph him whilst he was signing the cardback.

    I tried for Nicki Clyne next, but she had just left to go on break. I instead joined Corbin Bernsen’s line. He was business like, but a gentleman. He was also very careful to follow all signing instructions exactly as written. We talked about the upcoming ‘Psych’ movie and he said he loved all the enthusiasm the fans had, adding that it’s infectious. He asked if I remembered his character’s blind-date episode and, knowing where he was going with the conversation, I added that his wife (Amanda Pays) played his date. He was happy to hear that I was familiar with that bit of trivia. He wished me well and told me to be sure to watch the ‘Psych’ movie.

    Once I finished with Mr. Bernsen, Nicki Clyne returned, but Nicholas Brendon cut in to greet her. Ms. Clyne was very personable. She was ready to talk about anything anyone wanted. I presented her with the photos sent in for her signature and she said they were very well made. I handed her the additional copies and told her about Rebelscum and that the extras were sent as a gift to her. She was very happy to have them and told me a fan at another convention gave her something similar, but that these ones were better. She also asked me to pass along her gratitude for the gifts. She was a bit worried about signing at first, since she didn’t have a gold marker; but I told her that she could use the one I had. She tested it on her table and was quite impressed. After she signed each photo, she admired the way the gold stood out and said that it was one of the best she had seen. I thanked her and she shook my hand as the handler handed me the marker back. I actually think Ms. Clyne would’ve liked to keep it (the marker, not my hand)…

    Next up was Tom Berenger. I was surprised at how open and receptive he was. While he was still quiet, he did say a lot. He examined the card I was sent for him and he started complaining that the gold marker requested wouldn’t show up because, “Those card markers don’t care about anyone who has to sign them. Their contrast is the worst and I hate the photos they use.”. He did comply with the gold request and did a double a take after signing it and said, “Actually this one worked very well. You can actually see it.”. Then, with a short laugh, he told me it was the exception that proved the rule. I had him sign the ‘Major League’ from Corbin Bernsen’s table as well and he balked at the idea of adding his character’s jersey number to the photo. He explained that it’s already on his jersey in the photo and pointed to the “2” in Corbin Bernsen’s character’s number “24”, thinking it was a seven. Then he said it was still on his jersey and tried finding it. Once he realized it wasn’t actually visible, he pointed to Charlie Sheen’s Wild Thing number “99” and said, “If I were Charlie, I wouldn’t write it. It’s already on there and it would be redundant.”.

    After that, we somehow got talking about his jewelry. In particular, one of the rings on his finger. He told me it was a gift from a complete stranger at Sturgis, the motorcycle festival. He took it home and showed his wife; who later had it appraised. They found out it was real gold and silver, with a value of $15,000. It may sound like he was trying to show off, but his tone was more of disbelief that some random guy would just give him a ring with that much value.

    I stopped again at J.G. Hertzler and he signed a photo for my mother (whom he also knows). He, too, complimented gold sharpies but said his preference was typically bronze. I thanked him and he told me to stop by on Sunday before I left, to say good-bye. Next up was Lindsay Wagner. She had the second longest line of anyone at the convention. There was a very enthusiastic fan that decided to share her life story (through tears and shaking), just ahead of me. While I’m fine with a fan seizing their moment to tell someone they admire how much their work means to them, I think Ms. Wagner was a bit uncomfortable and was ready to leave. By the time I got up to her with the photo pick-up, she said, “Just a signature is okay?”, phrasing it more as a statement than the question I decided to treat it as. She was nice, but really did seem to want a moment to herself.

    I was going to get Edward James Olmos for myself, but he was seldom at his table when I went near. He was either in solo photos, photos with Nicki Clyne, meeting the other celebrities, on break, or in a panel. So, I decided to save him for Sunday and went to get Paul Michael Glaser. Mr. Glaser’s line was dead-even with Linda Blair for longest at the convention. I got up to him shortly after his lunch break and chose the photos off his table for the orders. He barely had a selection left and only started with three similar poses. Anyway, he looked at the personalization requests and quickly scribbled them. Then he decided to tell me about his current activities. His primary function at the convention seemed to get people to buy his book or art. He was really pushing for me to buy a painting, but I didn’t have the $150 to spend on a large painted apple… At least it was decent art work, though.

    Sunday, I got to the convention in the late morning and there was no line to get in and nobody checking wristbands, either. I went by Mr. Hertzler who asked if I had met Edward James Olmos yet and insisted that I go do so right then. Once I got to Mr. Olmos’ area, there was nobody around him; except his handler. I stood on the opposite side of the cloth railing while I decided which photo I would choose, so that anyone who already made that decision could go around me. Mr. Olmos looked up and waved me over and yelled, “There’s nobody here. Just come around and you’ll see them better!”. As I approached him, he noticed the Avengers “A” logo on my shirt and asked if I was an MCU fan. I said that I am and that I’m familiar with his work on ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’; which was primarily why I wanted to meet him. He seemed excited to talk about S.H.I.E.L.D. and asked me to read the inscription on my photo aloud, after he signed it. After I read it, he asked if I knew why he wrote, “I am the real Agent of SHIELD.”. I told that I assumed it was because of the story-line he was involved in when his faction of SHIELD was going against Agent Coulson’s. He was really happy that I was familiar with his episodes and then asked me if I thought he would be back on the show. [SPOILER for Season 2 of ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’] I laughed and told him that it would very unlikely. He said that I was one of very few who felt that way and told me that he doesn’t think he will return either. Mr. Olmos said that he frequently gets fans saying that it’s a superhero show and anything is possible. Then he said, “I was turned to stone, crumbled to ash, and then my ashes were blown up! How can anyone, in any world, come back from that?”. I said that Lucy Lawless’ character only partially turned to stone and that was why she was able to return, but that Director/Agent Gonzales had zero chance of a comeback. He was laughing as he said that he appreciated my honesty and that he agreed with me [END SPOILERS for 'S.H.I.E.L.D.'].

    Mr. Olmos became one of my favorite actors to have met because of his inviting nature and warm laughter. If anyone has the opportunity to go meet him, I recommend you do so. He’s a good guy to talk with and really appreciates the fans who meet him. We were even laughing through the photo we took together. After that, I said my goodbyes to J.G. and we made plans to see each other again soon, after his election results (he’s running for Congress). Overall, Super MegaFest was a fun show that allowed intimate interactions with the attendees and the guests. It was crowded at certain points of the day (early afternoon, mostly) and in common areas of the room (celebrity signing area and the vehicle displays), but it was great atmosphere. So far, I would say it is in the top three conventions for the year and I will likely go back if anyone needs help next year.
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    SMF has been excellent since they changed venues a few years ago, before it was a nightmare as it was way too small at the hotel. I've known John D the organizer for 20 years, superb guy and staff, looking forward to the April event.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jpolli666 View Post
    SMF has been excellent since they changed venues a few years ago, before it was a nightmare as it was way too small at the hotel. I've known John D the organizer for 20 years, superb guy and staff, looking forward to the April event.
    It really was one of my favorite conventions. It was a nice break from the crowds I'll deal with at RICC and the guest list beat any of the conventions local to me, too.
    I'm considering going next year even if nobody else needs help with the guests, just to support the event again.

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    yes,.. it's very casual, stress free and fun. I should say the event was excellent all those past years, but the size of that old venue no longer worked, & made it a mess once the crowds became so massive. Agreed, man- RICC is very chaotic, I'm hoping to have a less miserable time there this time than last year.
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    Items received! Great packing! THANKS again fir the help.
    "Doing what is popular is not always right, and doing what is right is not always popular"

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    Quote Originally Posted by bnrred5 View Post
    Items received! Great packing! THANKS again fir the help.
    Thank you for letting me know! I'm glad they made it to you safely.

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    Highly recommended.
    "Doing what is popular is not always right, and doing what is right is not always popular"

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    Quote Originally Posted by bnrred5 View Post
    Highly recommended.
    Thank you, I really appreciate that!!

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