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Thread: Star Wars: Movie Moments

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    Most Walmarts are blowing these out for $12.50 kids better hurry if you want some.

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    I wanna find these for $5 somewhere like I saw reported at one time last month!
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    I found a Trash Compactor set for $5 at one store...the only one I saw though, all other stores still have some for full price.

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    These are $20 at the Walmart near the office. Snagged the Death Star Duel since I've been eyeing it for a while now.

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    Wow $5.00 is really cheap. Happy Hunting everyone. I was able to nab the whole set of 4 for $12.50 each. There gone at all the other Stores in my area.

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    My local Walmart moved the movie moments out to an end cap and started discounting them down to $16 this week. Before this they were always kept nearly unreachable on a top shelf at the end of an aisle for full price. Always thought they should have been with the regular Star Wars section where more people would have seen them.

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