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Thread: Star Wars: Movie Moments

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    Wondering why Walmart still has not listed Trash Compactor set yet...if I hadn't found it by now this would be the time I start getting aggravated lol. Here is my youtube video on it:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pqweeduk View Post
    Thanks for the link, brother - had zero luck finding this at my local WGs.

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    My local Walmart got just two Movie Moments, both being the Trash Compactor scene, at least that's all they put out. Squeezed them into an empty spot on a shelf below the TLJ Pops. I'm glad they learned their lesson with overstocking. Funko merch has sadly been selling very poorly there in recent months. The only exception seems to be Porgs, lol.
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    I haven't seen many sets at most Walmarts, but the one that had an entire endcap full were all sold in a week.
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    My store got a bunch of these today.

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    Passed by my local Walmart and they had about 4-5 of each. Snagged myself the Trash Compactor scene since that's the one that's visually appealing for me.

    I might try to get the Death Star Duel if it's still there the next time I drop by.

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    Finally my wallyworld got these in, had to grab a Han/greedo and I think the wife is getting the droid one, I could help but think "why no Han and Chewie trash compactor"?

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    Are the figures removable from the base? I'm liking the Vader/Obi-Wan set, but only have space for the figures.

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    No, they arent removable unfortunately.

    Finally completed my set of these.
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