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Thread: Star Wars: Movie Moments

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    These really look nice, and at a decent price considering you're getting 2 pops and a diorama. I'll have to pass on them though. I already have individual versions of these characters and I'm running out of space and funds as it is.

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    So. I need a backdrop from the Cloud City set. I found one today, the last there, but realized when i got home the backdrop was missing.
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    These are awesome.

    I see that Funko are also doing limited vehicles now. Does anyone know if they plan on releasing something with the Millennium Falcon?

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    Nothing announced as far as I know but you have to assume the Falcon is in their plans. Hopefully it would be an oversized ride with both Han and Chewie. The scale on some of these is already so far out of whack with the huge head sticking out of a small vehicle.

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    Any sku's for the Walmart Movie Moments?
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    It sounds like these are hitting Walmarts now. I saw a pic of a Walmart here in MN (not my store) of an endcap full of them. Looks like there will be plenty to go around. I'm hearing the official release date is the 18th.
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