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Thread: Vintage Blaster Colors Question

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    Vintage Blaster Colors Question

    I've checked the Imperial Gunnery, and I know I have an authentic rebel blaster. My question is if there are any known verified examples of a vintage Greedo with a dark blue blaster? He came loose with the blaster listed as original, but of course that doesn't mean it's originally his. Per the Gunnery, I have a V1 Dark Blue (semi-translucent) Rebel Blaster. Carded examples I can find pictures are inconclusive, meaning I can't always find a good angle to see the blaster clearly, and I find pictures posted on the web are generally darker than real life, such as the second picture below. The real thing looks more blue, and standing next to other figures with black/blue blasters it's obvious his is different. I'm also wondering the same about a vintage X-Wing Luke.

    So, if anyone can confirm or deny the authenticity of the blaster/figure combo, I'd greatly appreciate it.

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    In my experience, the semi-translucent blasters were packed with ESB figures. Anything in the first 21 should be blue/black (and maybe green/black).


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