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Thread: To all those who claim loose collecting to be the "safest" collecting avenue...

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    Yes, the limbs and torsos of many figures are made from different materials so I assume they degrade at varying rates and in different ways hence the two tone effect.
    One of the worst figures for that...

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    Great post Bill! I have been a gloom and doom man about these carded figures that will one day have all of these bubbles fall off. I also agree with you on the loose stuff. I have quite a few figures that are sticky or they have that haze on them that shows they are breaking down. Bottom line is that these toys made us happy, they brought back memories and in the end whether we want to admit it or not everything we own will one day end up in a landfill. I love this vintage stuff! I collect what I like and in time it will all rot away so enjoy it now and start taking some good pictures.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BillCable View Post
    One of the worst figures for that...

    I see you got that from Bonsai's big collection of small figures.I love that post.

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