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Thread: My collection, looking for valuation

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    My collection, looking for valuation


    I am not an active collector and am now looking for valuations for items. Since I don't know the modern market I would appreciate to find out if there are any valuable items in the bunch. Not interested in any 10-20$ items, only rare ones. Boba Fett & Yoda missing from the foto.

    poster, catalogs(finnish) & other:

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    There's also a unbuilt buildable millenium falcon (big size) made by C S C Products Corps in 1982.
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    one thing might fetch $20 is your luke farmboy without his saber
    as a lot it might fetch $100-150 on ebay i would imagine
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    I would be interested in anything that is Finnish. Please send me a private message and kitos!

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    Star Wars stuff is a horrible investment. Star Wars fans are always broke because all they buy is Ramen noodles, peanut butter and Kenny Baker autographs.

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