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Thread: Vintage Card Backs values?

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    Vintage Card Backs values?

    Hello to all,

    I'm into collecting original SW / ESB / ROT Card Backs (1978 - 1985).

    All of you knows that most cards still in existence have the proof of purchase circle cut off, and some have part of the images ripped off the cards. I was lucky enough to find some with not too much damages.

    My questions are: since I'm buying theses card backs with the idea to resealing my action figures and to display them re-sealed on card, should I let them as is, meaning resealing the figure with the damages intact? Because my plan is to fix the damages with back-ups card backs as best that I can. Would doing that bring the value down or it doesn't really maters? Or should I leave the cards as is, without re-sealing the figures ????

    Thanks in advance


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    Leave the originals as is, there are custom cardbacks makers if you want to reseal. there are lots of cardback collectors out there

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