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Thread: Vintage Card Backs values?

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    Vintage Card Backs values?

    Hello to all,

    I'm into collecting original SW / ESB / ROT Card Backs (1978 - 1985).

    All of you knows that most cards still in existence have the proof of purchase circle cut off, and some have part of the images ripped off the cards. I was lucky enough to find some with not too much damages.

    My questions are: since I'm buying theses card backs with the idea to resealing my action figures and to display them re-sealed on card, should I let them as is, meaning resealing the figure with the damages intact? Because my plan is to fix the damages with back-ups card backs as best that I can. Would doing that bring the value down or it doesn't really maters? Or should I leave the cards as is, without re-sealing the figures ????

    Thanks in advance.


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    i dont think im going out on a limb to say in this case it doesn't really maters

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    I'd just leave the card backs the way they are. I put mine in afa style sliding bottom cases and put the figure in front of the card so it looks close to being carded. The damage to the card backs really isn't that noticeable behind the figures.
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    I wouldn't worry about value. You are doing it for your purposes, so whatever works for you. I just worry when someday your re-sealed figures hit the market....

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