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Thread: FS: Don Post 1:1 Life-Size Boba Fett Statue #39(of less than 250 made)

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    Looks like I'd need to lower my price in order to facilitate a sale.

    Are the pics not working for anyone else? They show up when I load the thread.

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    The pictures are showing in the thread.

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    I dropped the price by $1k to $9,900.

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    Another bump. Hopefully someone is looking for a very limited edition collectible like this and I don't have to take it to eBay.

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    Haven't bumped this in a while, but it's still available

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    He was #98 and the opening bid was $7,500. Nobody bidded and it was a no sale. I have the Profiles in History catalog with Boba in it. Interested in this one but the sale price would need to be below that.

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