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Thread: Topps Newbie Questions

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    Topps Newbie Questions

    I have been picking up a few cards lately because of my character focus and I have some newbie questions that hopefully someone can answer.

    I'm basically comparing 3 different Rogue One autograph cards.

    1) Is the card considered "gold" if it is listed as X/10 on the back corner? Is that how you tell if it is gold? Meaning there were only 10 produced? So 1/10 is the 1st card and 10/10 is the last?

    2) If it is an autograph card that doesn't have the numbers listed on the back how many are produced? Is there a place to look up that quantity? Are those considered standard/base autograph cards?

    3) Of the 3 cards I am comparing 2 have letters listed in the lower center on the back of the card. One says A-PKA. One says A-AC. The other has no lettering. What do those stand for?

    Thank you in advance for any help.

    Edit: I'm figuring it out I far as the lettering on the back. Does the A before the dash stand for autograph?...the next two letters are the first and last initials of the autographer?
    Still unsure what the last A would be in A-PKA?
    Also why are there no initials listed on the 3rd autograph card? Is that just a difference between series 1 and series 2?
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    1) The parallel numbering changes from set to set but may be something like gold /10, black /50, purple /25 and red /1 parallels. The cards may be printed with the corresponding foil colour. As most of the Topps auto cards are sticker autos, the on card autos from Masterwork and High Tek usually sell for more.

    2) Topps doesn't usually disclose how many of each card are produced.

    3) I'd guess that's the card number as it were. A-PKA (Autograph-Paul Kasey version A) Paul Kasey had two autos for Rogue One, Admiral Raddus and Edrio Two Tubes

    I have the Forest Whitaker auto from series one and there's no numbering or initials on that card.

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    Thanks so much. Version A makes sense.

    So we don't know how many of the regular ( non-numbered) autograph cards are produced? Interesting. Its surprising that they don't release that can't be that many. Maybe it varies to much from one card to the next?

    Just for comparison. I have two autos from series 2. Same color foil printing but one has 1/10 on the back. The other has no numbering. My series 1 auto also has no numbering.

    As you probably guessed, I have started a two-tubes focus collection. There isn't much out there but I have picked up the 3 different Topps autograph 2tubes cards. A patch card, a gold medallion card well as a handful of other types of items.

    Its kind of nice starting at the beginning of a character. I haven't heard of many others starting a focus collection based on the new movies.

    I appreciate the info.
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    Welcome to the world. Your life will never be the same again.
    "Doing what is popular is not always right, and doing what is right is not always popular"

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    Quote Originally Posted by bnrred5 View Post
    Welcome to the world. Your life will never be the same again.
    Haha. My collecting has changed a lot over the last couple of years. I've become much more focused. I won't be plunging in.

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