Fellow Collectors,

I appreciate the help thus far from the "premiere" SW collectors on this site. You all continue to impress me with your knowledge and collections.

I continue to seek help with moc (ungraded) cartoon ewok warrick, droids cartoon thall joben, b wing pilot and sise fromm (I know)

Still hunting for a few moc 12 backs (ungraded) and have a number of moc ESB and ROTJ for trade or to sell, etc.

I am also nearing completion of my loose figures from 77-85 and need some various weapons. Some common dark and blue blasters/rifles and then a number from ESB and ROTJ. If you have spares please PM

Looking for these loose parts (sell/trade) - Playsets - Probot small black gun and white playset base, good to ex white tie fighter wings with connectors, troop transport radar and battery cover, tauntaun reins, dewback reins.

Always looking for mib or Smib Kenner items.

Please PM wth inquiries!

Happy collecting!