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Thread: POTF Treadwell droid - articulated

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    Cool POTF Treadwell droid - articulated

    Finally got around to customizing this little guy. I've turned him from an inaction figure to an action figure (for the most part. ) He has three functional arms and a telescoping neck. I used arms from FX-7 and FX-6.

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    I liked when he played Number 5. Great work though, is there an updated version of this figure by now!

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    It took me a while to get the number 5 reference, lol!

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    That is snazzy work! Definitely looks production quality.

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    Excellent work! The modifications and weathering look great.

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    The side by side/before and after pics say it all! Nice job!

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    Outstanding work! Hasbro truly needs to remake this!

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