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Thread: Value of 3 1983 ROTJ Cardbacks? Yoda (brown snake), Chewbacca, and Boba Fett

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    Value of 3 1983 ROTJ Cardbacks? Yoda (brown snake), Chewbacca, and Boba Fett

    Not really sure how to link photos but I put pictures of the three ROTJ cardback action figures in 'my photos' and hoping you all can access.

    Recently acquired these from my father in law and curious as to value as I'm seeing some pretty big numbers on Ebay.

    Would also be interested in any info about condition and or authentication you might be able to provide.

    Please let me know if you can't see the photos!

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    Can't see the pictures but ebay is a pretty good guide.

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    I went ahead and made a craigslist posting for the 3 action figures so that at least I can link it here and you all can take a look.

    Been looking on Ebay and seeing crazy prices for Boba Fett in excellent condition. Mine is nowhere near mint condition however. Is it worth it to have these graded? Where can I have that done?

    I'm also seeing different versions as far as the number of characters on the back of the card. Like 65 - Back or 77 Back. What is the significance of this and how does it effect pricing? Mine are all 65-back versions btw.

    Lots of questions here from this newbie! Sorry! All help and estimations of value are much much appreciated!!!

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    Is $800 a reasonable number for all three of them in their current condition?

    Thanks much!

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