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Thread: Non Star Wars Funko POP!

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    Off topic from Funko. On topic for SDCC hunting.

    Favorite sighting today. Local Gamestop had hand written signs by all of its Hasbro Mighty Muggs. 'Buy 2 Get 4 Free'

    Does anyone buy those things? I nominate for ugliest collectable out there.

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    Got the three I wanted. Broly, Yamcha, and moaning myrtle. People were going crazy for those 8 bit wreck it Ralph pops....

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    Got all my SDCC treasures. Just waiting on Crunchberry Beast to go live. If there is anyone here not interested in owning it but willing to hop online to try to get it, I would definitely appreciate the help. I'll clue you in on the process. If you've done a PopUpShop Wednesday you'll know what you're in for.
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    I'm interested in the Crunchberry Beast as well. Hope it goes live on Saturday and not tomorrow or Sunday when I have to work.
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    I might try for Pain and Panic but Iím sure itíll be gone quick!

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    All I wanted was Ralph and Felix but they were put up online before they their previously announced time. Limit online and in store was 5 per person which just seems way excessive. Hoping they get a restock but all signs point to no.

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