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Thread: Non Star Wars Funko POP!

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    Yeah I realized that after I sent it! Lol Meant more so for HT
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    I hope there will be a subscription option. Guaranteed sales for the retailer and we don't get caught in the middle of an unreliable distribution and/or stocking system.

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    Got my Ace the Bat Hound in today! Cool little pop.
    1993 1999 2013 GO NOLES!!

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    My Popinabox Care Bears order today and really lucked out. On an order of one each, I got chases for Cheer Bear and Funshine Bear.
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    Also got my Rampage 3 pack. Without question, the pinnacle of the 8bit line so far.
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    Between yesterday and today, I received my online orders of Thanos 10" from Target (he has a silly grin, but the Pop is impressive), Disney Adventures box (Nice way to end the original subcription package), and Cull Obsidian from Walgreens (This Pop carries major weight and he's a mean-looking character). Most importantly, they all came in great shape.

    It's amazing how quickly these Pops come thru the door. Ha!
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    Got my Disney Adventures Box too. A couple minor dings here and there but overall in good shape. Got my Target Han and finally grabbed an orange resistance BB unit. BN unit was in great shape but the Han was a little pushed in on one side. They pack great but sometimes too much...
    1993 1999 2013 GO NOLES!!

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