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Thread: Disowning the Prequels

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    Pulling a redo on the prequels is silly, but there certainly is a lot that could be improved. I saw the first post and wondered out loud "how could George not know the material... he WAS the material". Everything came from him, so regardless if we like it or not, the material is as the creator made it... including the special editions.

    Now, that is not saying that there aren't clear differences in the material from one to the next, but that's as much a sign of the times and of how George loved to be on the cutting edge of film making. Look at all the advances that came from the original trilogy and then all the stuff that George pushed for the PT. Digital Cameras forced theatres to upgrade. Better sound, better effects... I mean what movie doesn't use something Lucas related when it comes to effects or sound these days?

    If they are going to go back in time in the Star Wars universe, let's get outside of the Skywalkers altogether. It's time for a Knights of the Old Republic movie... just watch some of the Old Republic videos like "Deceived", "Hope" or "Return" cinematics and tell me that it wouldn't be awesome.
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    agreed, we were recently discussing that same idea in the Rebels thread. If anything it could blow up the awareness of those great scenarios, characters and tales, many may dismiss it as just games and not dig too deep, but it's insanely vast, and worthy. I enjoy the fiction more than the games, not to well versed playing it-but either way, epic stuff.
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    Theyll get around to telling Knights of the Old Republic and pre-Prequel stories in time (with all-new designs hopefully...).

    Now is the time to exploit that (insufferable) nostalgia and doing purgatory in the OT-era. As much as Im b*tching about OT-purgitaroy, Id do the same too if I had paid 4 billion for SW And as long as there are offerings like RO which in essence, introduced new, solid main characters, Im good.

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    I do think people get hung up too much on the Midichlorian issue. I personally never saw such a big deal about it to make a fuss, even though it wasn't something I particularly liked. Does anyone know how many microorganisms are in their own body? Just saying... It's plausible from a scientific standpoint, and is useful in telling an audience how strong in the Force someone is compared to another. Some people need visuals to understand things, as opposed to taking someone's word for it.
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