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Thread: Basic Jedi Luke Mod

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    Basic Jedi Luke Mod

    Nothing complex but I always liked the tunic discovery and I never saw it posted.
    Body- VC 23 Luke
    Head- LC Battle for Endor Luke
    Tunic- LC Battle for Endor tunic turned inside out, it's almost like it was meant to be worn this way with how the folds look.

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    That does look outstanding to not have to do anything to it. I have been thinking about making a custom robe using adhesive to hold it all together in a slim way.

    I still don't really get the preference some have for this sculpt though, imo VC23 is perfect. What is it that makes it better in your opinion?

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    I just never felt the VC 23 likeness was as good. I like it but the Legacy one just looked perfect to me and it has the helmet hair that Luke has in ROTJ. Just a personal preference ultimately.

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    See I feel the Legacy figure's eyes are too cartoonish and the hair TOO puffy, as well as a softer jaw line than Mark Hamill's. But to each their own. I will say that I think the VC23 looks best if you look at it with one eye or in photos. I think it's so good of a likeness that it's size throws it off, sound crazy? Let me explain.

    When you view another human being their head is wider than the space between your eyes, this figure is obviously smaller than that space. So the 3D image your brain creates is actually showing you a large portion of each side of the figure's face, with an actual human the 3D effect is much smaller. So when you view this in 2D (one eye closed or in a photo, or even from a distance) I think it's spot on. Once I realized this it's like I trained my brain to see it for what it is haha, and I think it's the best Luke sculpt in the scale.

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    I've always preferred the SL DS2 Luke head personally. The trick is finding one with good eyebrows.

    The VC23 head is a good likeness, but it's oversized on the body. It's also too round.

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