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Thread: WTTF: Who want to trade me there 80s joes

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    WTTF: Who want to trade me there 80s joes

    Hello everyone,

    I'm looking for some 80s g.i.joe cobra figures

    Wanted:...complete or incomplete
    1..1980s serpentor with green cape
    2..1980s cobra commander hooded or masked face version
    3..1980s barones
    4..1980s destro
    5..1980s mindbender with cape
    6..1980s body parts

    Have:..(figures do not come with weapons)
    1..1977 Leia with bful cape
    2..1977 Vader with cape..bful cape
    3..1977 stormtrooper
    4..1983 like Jedi with snap cape version
    5...g1 random teansformers
    6..randon star wars and pirate legos

    Only shipping with in the u.s.
    Thanks you

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    I can sell you some old joes; some good some not so much. Let me know. Thanks - Tim 770 653 0552 /

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    I've got some of what you're after. Pretty sure I have an extra Destro and Baroness I could trade, maybe some others. I also have a bag of poor-quality body parts (lots of paint wear and yellowing) I can part with. However, I won't be home to examine things better for a couple weeks. I'd be interested in the Leia, some G1 transformers depending on what they are, and some random star wars legos. PM me if you know what transformers you have, or can describe what the legos consist of.

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    You can check out the pics on my gallery
    (The 80s Joe vehicle and ships parts pics and the he-man/motu pics and 77 Darth Vader are longer available

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    Ah, thanks for the tip! Based on your pics, I guess I'd be interested in the Jetfire, Hot Spot, and Aerialbot (Air Raid, I think). And the 77 Leia. I take it you only have Lego minifigures then, no sets?

    I will look at the Joe stuff I have in a couple weeks here and take some pictures.

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    I don't have lego sets..its mainly figures..just hot me up when you can..and I'm interested in the body starting to customizing figures thanks

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    Just sent you a PM with photos of the figure parts.

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    Have you shipped out yet? Please send me a tracking number if you did. Thanks!

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