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    Just hold off on the rides. B&N just got the Ties in and they’re $27.50
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    Thanks for the info H_L_H. I'm going to be hitting a Barnes today. I have the Kylo TIE POP! on pre-order with Toy Wars for $19.99; a great price but, if past orders are any indication, it will take forever to ship.
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    I went on my very first Pop hunt at Mall of America, my first time going there in I believe 5 years. It's also my first time seeing a Box Lunch store in-person. They had the chrome BB-9E, which I of course bought. Might be the coolest looking Pop from the TLJ line, so I was bummed it was an exclusive to a store I don't have near me, but things worked out in the end.

    Their HT is conveniently almost directly across from BL, and they have two gigantic Pop walls. Their store is twice the size of mine.

    I also checked out the SW Dorbz at the Disney Store. I chose not to buy any, but I wanted to see them in-person anyway just for the heck of it. I don't think they had all of them. The selection was kinda small.

    In the end I just bought BB-9E, but still had a lot of fun. There were a few others I want that I saw (non-SW), but they will likely be easily available in my area soon, if they aren't already, so I decided to hold off on buying them for now.
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