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Thread: New Streamlined Wampa Cave by Kenner

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    Unfortunately not - I’m not too handy with making stuff. Did you make yours? Looks incredible.

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    Thanks! I am a droid builder from San Antonio, TX and yes I am currently building my R5D4. I started September 2016 and hope to have him fully functional by September 2018. It’s made from wood, aluminum, styrene, resin and fiberglass.

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    amazing collection , very clean display
    a bad day of fishing is better than a good day at work

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    Slick, excellent way to display a lot in a small area.

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    Where did you get those white shelves to display the carded figures? Are those IKEA?
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    Thanks! The White Shelves for the Super Powers are from WalMart
    and the white cabinet is a Besta from Ikea with just a regular shelf below it.
    heres my updated Wampa Cave with my recently completed static R5-D4

    Here is view of my 4’x12’ Wampa Cave from the outside

    Here is complete 33 US Super Powers MOC + Super Amigos Riddler

    Here is my pride and joy R5-D4

    Added Droids R2 & 3PO and Ewoks Wicket plus all creatures and Kit Bash Fett
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    Man that’s really awesome!

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    Love the collection, nice job!
    "Bobby U-Wing"

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