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Thread: Hurricane Irma: A good wish to those in Florida

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    Is power back on in Clearwater ?

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    Hope everyone made it through the storms with little or no damage.
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    Have power in Pinellas and life seems back to normal except no Internet. Hope everyone else has fared the same.
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    I wonder how Lightsword made out? I hope everyone is okay & any damages are minimal.

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    Wow that was a lot of rain we had in the Charleston area. I was very lucky though, even though my house is in a flood zone I escaped with no property damage at all.

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    I wonder how Lightsword made out? I hope everyone is okay & any damages are minimal.
    Julian is OK but has not yet returned to assess the damage at his home. His community is without power. I've got my fingers crossed for him that he had no water damage.

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    Hope everyone is ok!
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    Good to know that everything its okay with you, ATAT. Hope everything it's okay with Lightsword, and everyone affected by this crazy weather.

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    Julian has returned home but is without power and internet. He had some damage (trees toppled, bent rain gutters, broken pool motor) but nothing major (whew!). Sweating it out in the FL heat w/o AC sucks but I guess things could have been much worse for him.

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    Good to hear that was the worst of it. I should have power back on Sunday. Here's hoping. I'm ready to rejoin the rest of the civilized world !

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    Glad to hear scummers are ok

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